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Star Kolb is Humboldt County, CA born (obviously with a name like Star Rose Blossom) and was raised in the mountains of Montana. Star was raised off the grid by her finish carpenter father and New England raised, cook a pie to perfection in a wood cook stove, woman who creates beauty in every home, oil/watercolorist, artist mother, who both instilled hard work and creativity into her.

Star came to Moab in 1999. She came and went, traveled the globe and has lived in the most remote places to the largest cities, to lap around and find herself happily grounded into a lovely life in Moab, Utah. She is delighted and honored to be part of this community and to be invited into the Moab Studio Tour.

Several jobs in Star's younger years were at galleries and gift shops, of which she mostly traded work for jewelry. Cleaning and rearranging beautifully handmade wares day after day seeped into her subconscious to emerge years later.

As of date Star considers jewelry making a hobby, one of which still takes discipline to practice. In 2015, Star’s “formal” jewelers training was one weekend with a retired school teacher in Catron County, New Mexico. The trade; Star cooked for her in her farmhouse and in exchange was shown numerous tools and techniques. Star then went home with a few tools and a clear vision to make 100 pairs of earrings, at that time all copper and brass.

Practice and repetition are no stranger to Star. She has been a practitioner and teacher of yoga for nearly 20 years. Continuing to show up, make mistakes and try again is a huge part of any skill. Star also finds her “mistakes” in art are often amazing discoveries and may even become a new fun technique.

Why metal as a medium? Star has pondered this question on and off for years…her joking, not joking response may be that she has four rods made of stainless steel and titanium holding her spine as straight as it will go, twisted bugger it is. In recent years gold and silver have become a joy to Star’s fingertips, these soft and vibrant elements bringing joy in new and creative techniques.From cutting, soldering, sawing, riveting, fusing, and her favorite, hammering, her pieces are made by her own hands in her home studio, which is the entryway of her home.

You may notice Sundari Designs on the backing of Star’s cards.What is Sundari? Sundari means Beautiful in Sanskrit. Beautiful is the word Star won an elementary school spelling bee with and since then, adopted as a way to approach any of her art forms.

Star looks forward to you enjoying her handmade adornments.


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