Robin Straub

Robin will not be open for the 2021 tour.

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Robin Straub
Oil paintings


99 North 400 East

Around the age of eleven I was reading Mad Magazine, enjoying the many animated figures and yearning to be a cartoonist -- so I began doodling little people playing tricks while the world was carrying on it's serious business. I also lived in Paris when I was six and seven years old and remember seeing many astounding works of art in museums and out on the streets by plein air artists which I know gave me hope for the future!

Jumping far, far into the future -- at age 70 -- the past 25 years of plein air and studio painting have been my life's purpose and joy. It is my first love and a constant source of surprising challenges. My painting process is not unlike exploring an unknown canyon in the desert - a rich, exciting experiment in color, sometimes whimsical like the raven, sometimes like a breath-taking sudden rain across a vast landscape.


Formal training in photography, ceramics and music was completed at University of the Pacific in 1969 with a degree in Studio Art. Elementary credentials and an MA in Education led me to a 20 year career in teaching.

Later, my painting instructors in watercolor, acrylics and oils were all successful California artists. I have done many one-woman shows of my work, participated in juried shows in Santa Cruz, CA and have won several awards for my work. Selling my work has always been enjoyable to me and the thought of it bringing beauty, humor and inspiration to people in their homes is still a thrill and an important part of the process.

Home is now in Moab, Utah on the Colorado Plateau high desert where it so satisfies my heart and soul and makes me laugh out loud, to paint outside and be part of growing a vibrant, creative community. Somebody pinch me quick, this life is too good to be true!