Linn DeNesti


Linn DeNesti

Although I’ve spent more than 2/3rds of my life working as a graphic designer, playing with clay in between work projects is a satisfying and very physical creative outlet for me. I love that pottery's multi-step process gets me excited to walk away from the computer and into my clay world.

Back in 1997, I took my first lessons on the wheel and I've been wheel throwing and hand-building functional pottery in between design projects ever since. Family members, old friends, and new friends in many places have a "Linn Bowl" or two, or more, and when I get to visit those pieces, it's like seeing old friends again. From creating a vessel turned out of wet clay, to trimming a foot ring and refining the form, to carefully drying then bisque firing, making decisions about glazing (and sometimes bad decisions!), to the final fire, it keeps me busy and happy.

Visit my tiny studio, situated in our peaceful back yard oasis here in Moab. Greg MacDonald will also be here in his studio showing his paintings, prints, cards and calendars.

I have new pieces in progress so come by to see what's in the making! There's usually always something coming out of the kiln.

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Please Note:
The 2022 Studio Tour is postponed until 2023.