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Linn DeNesti


Linn DeNesti
Ceramics - collage mirrors


575 Jonny Way


I’ve spent 2/3rds of my life working as a graphic designer, now freelance for the last 23 years. One thing about my work is that it all takes place on a computer, and there’s no creative balance in that. Because I absolutely need to work with my hands, I have taken up several creative pursuits over the years that allow me to put all the visual experience I’ve developed as a designer into hours of hand-making.

Since about 1998 I’ve been throwing and hand-building functional ware and have sold many pieces through galleries and my own annual studio sale. Now I have a beautiful oasis of a back yard with a very efficient little studio, and a great place to have visitors for the Studio Tour. The view is sweet, the space is inviting and I hope to share my Moab-inspired ceramics all around.


More recently I started creating collage art mirrors. They are a meditative diversion for me and another great way for me to keep my hands and visual mind engaged. These are made with paper scraps, art images, textures, fabric, buttons, beads, wood, and metal. My husband, Greg MacDonald, has generously allowed me to cut apart some of his old calendars for my collages. Each are one of a kind and filled with innuendo.

Come by our studio on September 2nd or 3rd. Greg and I are looking forward to meeting new people interested in art.