Kathy Grossman

Kathy regrets that she will not be opening her studio for the 2020 tour. She hopes to see you next year.


Kathy Grossman
Scratchboard – acrylic and pastel paintings


Phone: 801-971-3756


Starting as a cartoonist and black-and-white illustrator, Kathy Grossman has always had an eye for lines. That eye started from the beginning as her earliest memory is staring from her crib at cardboard cutouts of Little Bo Peep and a couple of sheep her mother had hung on her bedroom wall.

For the last several years, she’s not only been raising actual sheep with her partner JC Borders, but she’s also been exploring the mediums of pastel and scratchboard, showcasing the grains, fur, and feathers of the Colorado Plateau’s flora and fauna. Pastels’ soft blending qualities contrast nicely with the sharp stylus scrapings involved with scratchboard. Working on several pieces at once—some pastel, some scratchboard—gives Grossman the visual and perspective breaks that work all the muscles.

A native Californian, Grossman worked as a secretary, taught school, and then spent 30 years supporting and educating breastfeeding mothers around the world. Her clip-art collection of sketches of pregnant and nursing moms and babies is still used in La Leche League publications.

A move to the Middle East inspired large acrylic canvases with Arab world themes, including a series of Desert Queens.  You can see many of those works at kathygrossman.com/Images. In addition to viewing Grossman’s more recent works during the studio tour, you can also view her collared lizard scratchboard at Moab’s Canyonlands Field Airport.