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Kathy Grossman

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Kathy Grossman
Scratchboard – acrylic and pastel paintings


1010 Pear Tree Lane


Before I could read, I was always looking at picture books. Garth Williams’ paintings in The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies were among my favorites. And even when I later learned to read, I was a bit disappointed in the poems and stories that I could finally understand. I wanted to just study the exquisite illustrations.

Born into a family of musicians, I was the only artist. My mother indulged me by keeping crayons, scrap paper, and picture books available. My adult days of elementary school teaching and nights of country-western singing and songwriting were always accompanied by ongoing drawing and painting projects.


Those projects usually celebrated lines: in cartooning, spot illustrations, and now, in scratchboard. Hard edges and bold contrasts have always appealed to me. I took a scratchboard class in Tucson from former Moabite Rick Wheeler and have been hooked on this medium ever since. Scratching away black ink to expose fine white lines is perfect for showing feathers, fur, scales, and wood grains.

Since moving to Moab in 2011, I’m also learning to work in pastels, usually incorporating my cartoonist sensibilities of bold lines. I hope to continue to explore new media as I work in the large studio in my boyfriend’s home where I can work on up to six art projects at a time.