Karen Chatham

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Karen Chatham

Pottery, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, alcohol ink paintings, and leaf castings

My passion for art came at an early age. I love to explore the many ways to create art be it by painting in different mediums or building and creating with clay. This year for the studio tour I will be displaying a variety of works of art. I will be showcasing my hand built pottery and sculptures.  I love to make whimsical figures such as funny face pots and mugs to small animal sculptures. I have recently discovered Jizo statues.  They are a beloved deity in Japan and have a sweet smile and calming presence. Currently I teach hand building pottery classes at Desert Sun Ceramics. My work is displayed at both Gallery Moab and Moab Made.

Karen Chatham Studio Information


349 Park Lane


Visit Dates

Sat. Sept. 4th
Sun. Sept. 5th

10 am to 4 pm