Karen Chatham

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Karen Chatham

Pottery, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, alcohol ink paintings, and leaf castings

My passion for art came at an early age. I love to explore the many ways to create art be it by painting in different mediums or building and creating with clay. This year for the studio tour I will be displaying a variety of works of art. I will be showcasing my hand built pottery and sculptures.  I love to make whimsical figures such as funny face pots and mugs to small animal sculptures. I have recently discovered Jizo statues.  They are a beloved deity in Japan and have a sweet smile and calming presence. Currently I teach hand building pottery classes at Desert Sun Ceramics. My work is displayed at both Gallery Moab and Moab Made.

Karen Chatham Studio Information


349 Park Lane


Please Note:
The 2022 Studio Tour is postponed until 2023.