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JC Borders

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JC Borders
Pastel paintings


1010 Pear Tree Lane

When I was a little boy, I couldn’t spell duck, but I sure knew how to draw one. In fact, I loved to draw all kinds of flying things, from ducks to airplanes. My schoolteachers would say, “JC! Stop doing all that drawing and pay attention!”

All grown up and living in Oregon, I ran my own business and was often out of town on jobs for a week or more. One Saturday, by chance, I joined some oil painting classes with Roberta St. Louis, a well-known Portland artist. I asked Roberta if I could take classes from her on a more relaxed schedule, say every other Saturday. However, after a week or two away from my easel, the paint would harden and I’d have to start all over again. Roberta suggested I try pastels.

With pencils and soft pastels, my art projects could tolerate a stop-and-start schedule, and I loved the vibrant colors and precision that was possible. I also learned to prefer to work on black sanded paper. Its “toothy” texture holds multiple colors, overlays, and blends. Having gone beyond ducks and airplanes, I now seek out images of plants and landscapes.

After moving to Moab and running a photo tour business and teaching pastel, my art projects are now for family members and friends. I’ve worked hard to make my second-floor studio an inspiring creative space. When I need a break, I can go out onto the balcony and watch the sheep in the pastures and the changing light and colors of the La Sal Mountains.