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Helen Becker


Helen Becker
Oil and acrylic paintings
Charcoal drawings
Mixed media collage


4283 Valle Del Sol Drive


 I look forward to sharing with you my mixed media collage paintings.  The title of my Moab Studio Tour exhibit is “Papered Highways”.  These paper collage paintings are grounded in something familiar to people - highways.
     I am amazed with how multiple layers of roadways at junctions follow a confusing course.  There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to how they are built, yet they work.  Traffic flows.  Of interest to me is the layering of exit and on ramps as well as the layering of asphalt, steel and concrete on road beds.
     My paintings are constructed in much the same way - in layers.  I use sawdust, paint, papers of all kinds and rope and string to bring interest to my mixed media paintings.
     Join me while I show you how all of these materials are combined into a cohesive and expressive painting.  I’ll be demonstrating some of my techniques and look forward to answering your questions.
     More paintings may be seen at helenbeckercollagepainting.com.  Check out my blog where I present a picture journal of the creation of “Course Correction”.