Hayley Sequoia Knouff

Hayley Knouff

Hayley Sequoia Knouff


I’ve spent my whole life making art, but I’ve never been able to stick with one medium for long. Over the years I’ve bounced between painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, and woodworking. It wasn’t until I started working with clay that I fell in love with the craft and decided to invest the time and energy to begin my own creative practice.

Ceramics is such a rich, diverse, and challenging medium that after three years of practice I still feel like I’m just scratching the surface! Most of my work has been experimental, working with a variety of clay bodies, forms, and glazes. I’m still honing my skill and personal taste as a ceramic artist so my style has been continually morphing. I like to think I’m getting closer to finding a consistent style as time goes on, but then I learn a new skill/technique and I just can’t help myself but to start experimenting again!

There are so many “rabbit holes” to explore in the world of ceramics, and my work is reflective of that unpredictable creative journey. I like to think of my pieces as unique moments in time during the creative process that have been recorded in physical form. Each one is a unique glimpse into my evolution as an artist, in the same way that animal fossils provide a glimpse into Earth’s evolutionary timeline. The best thing about functional ceramics is that the timeline doesn’t stop there. Each handmade object gets to fulfil a purpose in the life of the user and will continue to take on new and deeper meaning as time passes.

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