Deborah Hughes

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Deborah Hughes

at Desert Sun Ceramics
1320 South Highway 191




Impressionist Photography

During the 1860’s, a group of artists turned away from the realistic, finely-detailed paintings of the day, gathered their palettes and brushes, and took to the streets and countryside to bring natural light and a more sensory experience to the canvas for both the artist and the viewer. Traditional linear perspective and form were set aside to allow for the immediate perceptions and experience of the artist.

I spent a few years trying to become a Landscape Photographer, to capture sharp, saturated, processed, and super-sized images with just the right gear to travel to just the right places to be prepared for just the right light. I found that trying to fit my personal experience and vision of the desert into the The Right Way to photograph the landscape created a disconnect from my sense of play and delight in photography.



So, like the early Impressionists, I’ve turned away from the realistic, fine-detailed photographic images of the day and taken my camera out into the landscape to bring desert light comingled with intimate encounters with flora and fauna into my image creation. I dance with perspective and pirouette around form to play with color, line, and patterns.

I’ve termed certain image creation styles as Movement in Multiples (MIM), where I layer images crafted with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) into one image through Multiple Exposure (ME) settings. All MIM images, ICM images, and ME images are created in-camera and lightly processed to emphasize the colors and tones that delight my eye. Like Madam Mim in Disney’s The Sword in the Stone, I use my camera to conjure and enchant, but unlike Mim, I only have one green eye.

Thank you for you for viewing my work!