Bruce Hucko

Bruce Hucko at work

Bruce Hucko

Fine Art Landscape Photographer


I specialize in abstract and intimate portraits of the landscape in Color and B&W digital prints that I make at home. I see photographs as a personally meaningful expression of my love of place.  My most true photographs come from looking closer at how my internal landscape is reflected in the external landscape.

For this Studio Tour I’m featuring a body of work that I call "WaterSong.”  Most of the images come from a short 950-step section in the right-hand fork of Millcreek, between "Cowboy Jacuzzi" and "Jen & Neal's Pool."  There are few subjects more attractive to me than water flowing over slickrock.  This section seems profoundly ripe with imagery.  Our ongoing regional drought and the firehas hyper-focused my attention to water.  While part of me feels "requiem," I present these images as a celebration of our local water.

Since I photograph, everything I create begins as something real. In processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, I don’t manipulate the image to create something else, but enhance what I see and feel at the time of exposure. I tend to see abstractly. I’m drawn to movement (real and implied), line, form, pattern, contrast, texture, balance (all that Art 101 stuff!), emotion and, of course, a photographer’s forever lover – light.  In addition to “Watersong,” I’ll have prints of Anasazi home-sites, Colorado Plateau scenes, NW Coast inspiration, and other images.

When not photographing, I can be found at HMK Elementary where I’m known to Moab children as Art Coach! I’m the full-time art educator and consider myself quite lucky to be able to connect children to their creative personalities. Outside of photography I enjoy hiking, camping, road trips, reading, rafting, red wine, sipping tequila and friendships. See you soon!

Bruce Hucko's Studio Information


668 Mountain View Drive

Visit Dates

Sat. Sept. 4th
Sun. Sept. 5th

9 am to 6 pm

Covid Behavior

Please plan on wearing a mask to Hucko’s studio.  I’m vaccinated, but I also work full-time at HMK Elementary so wearing a mask is for them!

Weather (wind!) permitting, I’ll have bins of protected images and some framed ones set up in the carport and covered back porch. Peruse at will. Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING.  I’ll have chairs setup on my front deck for those wishing to wait for the “crowd” to thin. You may also wander through my small home as there will be images in my living room and print room.

If you want a more personal, intimate visit for yourself and your party we can arrange a specific time (no more than one hour). Email me the date (September 4th or 5th) and the time (on the HOUR, starting at 9am, ending at 5pm) and I’ll politely shoo everyone else out of the house. This personal viewing can include a brief demo of image processing if you desire, OR we can just share stories in the comfort of my home without me being distracted by others!