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Tim J Morse


Tim J Morse
Oil and watercolor paintngs


706 McCormick


These days my favorite painting studio is in the great outdoors. My artistic inspiration and the primary focus for my artwork is the landscape. I spend as much time as possible painting on location, totally immersed in my subject matter. The sights, the sounds and smells of nature, it all goes into the work.

I enjoy the physical act of packing and setting up the equipment. I even enjoy the challenges of dealing with the changing light and often less than ideal weather conditions. It’s a problem solving activity that stimulates my imagination and creativity. The difficulties and physical effort involved with “plein air” painting gives me a heightened sense of accomplishment when I’ve completed a successful piece.


In order to complete a painting on location, I usually work small. I try to get to the very heart of the scene, edit out superfluous detail, and create a strong design with a light, shadow and color pattern that will be interesting and pleasurable for the viewer of the work. My work in the indoor studio is greatly informed by my field studies. The experience, the ideas, and the smaller paintings themselves are invaluable reference materials for larger paintings.

The desert, canyon, and mountain country surrounding Moab is as good as it gets for a western landscape painter. I feel very fortunate to be living here where I have such access to my inspiration.