Moab Artists Studio Tour

Visit 14 local artists in their native habitat!
Sat & Sun     Aug 30 and 31, 2014     10am - 4pm
Artists Reception at Moab Music Festival
Star Hall Concert on Friday August 29th
before Concert and during Intermission.
This is a catered art event for concert attendees!

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Tim Morse 2014.jpg
Serena 2014.jpg
Sarah Hamingson 2014.jpg
Phil Wagner 2014.jpg
Peggy Harty 2014.jpg
Nick Eason 2014.jpg
Mary Collar 2014.jpg
Larry Thomas 2014.jpg
Jacci Weller 2014.jpg
Helen Becker 2014 new.jpg
Emily Klarer (Triassic) 2014.jpg
Eleanor Inskip 2014.jpg
Deb Hughes 2014.jpg
Chatham 2014.jpg
Bob Ridges 2014.jpg
2014 hi-rez REDO-page-001.jpg